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Lucky Patcher Tutorial by Cartoon HD World

It is estimated that there are more than 1.5 billion Android users around the world. It means that nearly 1/6th of the world’s population (including you) is using an Android device. Imagine, what would happen if you could get the absolute control of your Android smartphone/tablet? Sounds engaging, right? Well, with Lucky Patcher APK, it is absolutely possible. Lucky Patcher APK is a revolutionary rooting/patching app for Android devices. It is used by millions of users all around the world for an amazing Android ecosystem experience. As its name pretty much sums it up, Lucky Patcher app is a multi-purpose utility app for Android. It works well on rooted as well as non-rooted devices, and the best part of it is that is free. Lucky Patcher APK is a small-sized file that can be downloaded for free. Perform Lucky Patcher download online for free.

This app is great when it comes to revoking EULAs for apps and games. EULAs are the End-User License Agreements which, when removed, make the apps tweakable. Thus, you will be able to alter the scope of the app/game easily. Lucky Patcher is a third-party tweaking app with which you can crack apps and games easily. You can add in-game currencies with just a tap, unlock locked levels and maps, add unlimited experience points and much more. Users can also block ads, skip unwanted ads and unlock the premium features for free. As mentioned earlier, you can run it on non-rooted devices, but it works best on rooted devices. Moreover, with Lucky Patcher app, you can even make unsupported apps/games run without a sweat. Lucky Patcher download is a free process and you should start using this app today.

Lucky Patcher - inside the app screenshot
Lucky Patcher apk

In order to experience Lucky Patcher APK to the very core, you should root your Android device. There are a lot of benefits of rooting Android tablets/smartphones and they will be discussed in the upcoming section. Anyway, when it comes to Lucky Patcher app, the benefits are way too many. For instance, consider all the freeware Android apps. Most of the smartphone/tablet users out there use freeware apps. These apps/games are amazing, but there are certain flaws associated with them as well. Advertisements cover up most of the apps and games and developers earn a chunk of money by showcasing these ads. Lucky Patcher app makes sure that all those ads are shut-down so that you get an ad-free and hassle-free in-app experience. Thus, you should download the Lucky Patcher download file (APK) today and get rid of irritating ads.

Lucky Patcher download is absolutely free of cost and there are no in-app microtransactions as well.

About Rooting Android – Is Rooting Safe?

A lot of people often mistake rooting with something that is a very unlawful or illegal practice. Well, it is not. Rooting is basically the process of installing some files into the root directory. With these files, the user gets complete access (i.e. 100%) of the device. Lucky Patcher app goes well with rooted devices. With rooting, the user can get access to the ‘root’ folder directory. This directory contains all the hidden files that run Android. These files cannot be accessed on non-rooted devices and thus, a lot of tweaking can be done (once the root permission is granted). Lucky Patcher APK is one app with which people can access root files (of apps and games) and alter it in order to gain in-app benefits. Freeware apps can be upgraded to premium apps and other features can be unlocked. The Lucky Patcher download process is absolutely free.

Rooting is a very easy process that involves installing some drivers and files on the Android device. This can be done in two ways – one is the more complicated method, while the other is referred to as soft-rooting. Either of the rooting methods is great, but with soft rooting, it is very easy to unroot the device afterwards. Lucky Patcher APK works amazingly well on rooted devices. You can easily soft-root your device with apps like King Root and Framaroot. Lucky Patcher app is a must-have utility app if you own a rooted Android smartphone/tablet. It is absolutely free to use and to download, and in no way does it monitor your activities. Moreover, Lucky Patcher download helps in shutting down apps that keep a track on your device. Thus, it is a really beneficial app in case you want to ward off unwanted stalking (by apps, duh).

Rooting is safe to perform (if done correctly). You can easily unroot your device (with soft-rooting) anytime you want to. This will never make your device lose its warranty (as you can bring it back by unrooting). Here are some of the benefits of rooting an Android device-

  • You can unlock hidden features and also install the otherwise incompatible apps easily. Apps like Lucky Patcher APK and others run flamboyantly on rooted devices.
  • You can boost your memory and optimize your battery life. This is yet another cool feature that Lucky Patcher app proudly boasts of.
  • Android is full of crapware and you can easily uninstall them with a rooted device. This includes unnecessary apps that take up loads of internal storage and consume a lot of battery / RAM. Download Lucky Patcher today and find out more.
  • Installing custom kernels and ROMs is very easy on rooted devices. Once you gain the SuperUser access, you get full control of your device.
  • Thus, installing custom skins, ROMs and other cool stuff becomes very easy on rooted Android smartphones/tablets.

Rooting is absolutely safe to perform and there are no flaws associated with it. It has a 99% success rate and the benefits are infinite. A rooted device works as per the owner wants it to. Certain apps are infamous for spoofing and sharing information, but with a rooted device, you can put a stop to that. Thus, download Lucky Patcher if you want to take full control of your rooted smartphone/tablet. It is fast, it is reliable and more importantly, it is free!

Lucky Patcher App – know all about Lucky patcher’s Features

The reason why people love to use this app is due to its hundreds of cool features. All these features belong to different categories that make the in-app experience great. You can install Lucky Patcher APK either on your rooted or non-rooted Android device. But, it works best on rooted devices, so make sure to root it beforehand. Who does not like full control of his / her device? This app makes sure that users get 100% unaltered access to their devices. Download Lucky Patcher on your smartphones and tablets and perform amazing tweaks for free. Lucky Patcher download is a free process and the app is free as well. Here are some of the key features of this amazing app-

  • One app to get rid of unwanted ads – Yes, everybody knows how irritating ads are. These ads pop-up out of nowhere and consume memory and internet data. In order to get rid of these ads (on rooted devices), Lucky Patcher APK comes with an ad-block feature. This feature blocks all ads from apps and games that have been installed. These ads may be of any type – either video ads or pop-ups. Since this app works on the root files on your Android device, it can easily get rid of ad-promoting bugs. Download Lucky Patcher online for free.
  • Patch your apps anytime, anywhere – Patching or cracking is yet another feature of Lucky Patcher that makes it unique. You can easily get rid of license verification for certain apps and games. This process of revoking license easily cracks the app/game. Once the application gets cracked/patched, all of the features get unlocked. Lucky Patcher app is amazing when it comes to unlocking all the premium features in apps/games. So, download this app today and lay your hands on all the cool stuff that Lucky Patcher download has to offer.
  • Crapware, eh – All those preinstalled apps that you so wish were not there. Some of those apps can be removed (sigh of relief), but some of those apps cannot. In order to get rid of this crapware, there is Lucky Patcher app. Make sure that your device has been rooted, and with Lucky Patcher download you will be able to get rid of preinstalled apps and stuff. Moreover, you can also run incompatible apps very easily with this app. With the big-boss of all rooted apps, you can do a lot of stuff for free. Download Lucky Patcher app for free.
  • Automation on point – Automation in Android refers to automating the processes. This means that the Android device will be able to perform tasks automatically whenever needed. This comes in really handy in case you want to answer phone calls, reply to emails and do a lot more. Basically, Lucky Patcher APK grants you full control of your rooted Android device. With full control, you can add widgets, replace system apps with third-party apps and even change your display entirely. Changing system resolution is yet another cool feature that comes with the Lucky Patcher app. Download Lucky Patcher online for free and start patching!
  • Move apps on the go – Users on Android 4.0 or above cannot move apps from internal storage to external (SD card) storage. This comes as a bummer to those people who do not have enough internal storage. Games like PUBG and Asphalt occupy an integral part of the internal storage. But, with Lucky Patcher download, the issue is solved like a charm. If you use Lucky Patcher app on a rooted Android device, you would be to switch between installing apps on external/internal storage. Thus, you will never run out of storage space again with this amazing app.
  • Get rid of preinstalled apps easily – There are a lot of popular smartphone manufacturers out there who preinstall certain apps. These apps consume a lot of memory and cause the device to lag and eventually, slow down. Thankfully, there is Lucky Patcher app in order to help you out. With its root file overriding feature, you will never be annoyed with those preloaded apps. Instead of merely disabling those apps, you can uninstall them with just a tap with Lucky Patcher download. Thus, be it unlocking premium features for an app or cracking/patching it for free, this is the best toolkit. Download Lucky Patcher online for free.
  • Perfect app companion – Lucky Patcher APK is also your app companion that keeps a track of all the apps that you use. In case it detects something fishy with any app, it sends an alert message. It also shuts down those apps that consume a lot of memory. This is how this app saves memory as well as manages battery life. Installing third-party app markets like 9Apps and TutuApp is very easy with Lucky Patcher app. All you have to do is to root your device and download Lucky Patcher. Once installed, it will guide you to the necessary processes efficiently.
  • Get unlimited gaming bonus – This feature comes in as bonus experience points/gems / in-game currencies. Since Lucky Patcher app patches/cracks the game, you can get access to unlimited coins and bonuses. With these perks, you can have a great in-game experience. All you have to do is to root your device, download Lucky Patcher APK and voila! It does the rest for you automatically. There are so many benefits of using this app.

Download Lucky Patcher Apk from here.

This detailed tutorial on Lucky Patcher was brought to you by the editorial team of Cartoon HD World.

Chase on Cartoon HD

Chase will be releasing soon in  Theatres & Subsequently on Cartoon HD App

Hey there, Cartoon HD fans! Chase has finally been released, and you can find it exclusively here on Cartoon HD. Chase is the story of trust, loyalty and betrayal. The story is told from the perspective of the protagonist (who is a hitman). He has to prove his loyalty to his mentor (and don) and best friend. The story is amazing and you will love it as it unravels. His girlfriend, on the other hand, wants to leave the family business due to his profession.


The story is amazing and you will love it as it unravels. His girlfriend, on the other hand, wants to leave the family business due to his profession. You can find Chase on Cartoon HD in 1080p quality. It can either be downloaded or simply be streamed in full HD here. Users can use the embedded video player or use their own players as well. Chase has got some amazing reviews and was accepted warmly. It is rated 7.7/10 on IMDb. So, what are you waiting for? Download Cartoon HD and enjoy Chase in full HD!

If you are facing any issue in using the app feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Download the Cartoon HD app now and enjoy the movies. Happy binging!

Cartoon HD app and its Troubleshooting

How to Troubleshoot the Cartoon HD App?

Human beings created many things for our well being. These things reduce our workload and also entertain us in various ways. Entertainment is one of the ways to reduce mental stress. But few issues in the app can make you more irritated. Different apps face different issues. Similarly, Cartoon HD contains an issue with it. Cartoon HD World team has come up to your rescue and to solve the issue.

Without speaking much let us dive into what the issue is and why it occurs? You might have faced the issue of pop-up notification while you are watching an interesting video on the app. The notification states, the video cannot run. Then the movie or the TV show which you are watching stops. This might even irritate you. Pop up notification might continue for longer duration and you might even uninstall the app.

but Wait! You don’t have to uninstall the app. This pop-up is to stay only for some time. If you play the same video after an hour or so the issue is not seen. Pop-up notification is because of the server shift. Once the server is shifted your issue resolved. And you can complete the movie. No need to worry. Your app is running fine.

A recent update for you on Cartoon HD

We have already informed you the features of Cartoon HD app. One among them is, you can find the updates of the movie regularly. The recent movies which are available on the app are Robin Hood, The Hole in the Ground, The Golem, K.G.F (chapter 1), Can you ever Forgive Me, Prospect, Elite Squad: The enemy within, West of sunshine, The Great Battle, Overload.

Our Vision –

We the team of Cartoon HD world not only provide you with the links to download the app. But we also help you download it by providing you with the complete details about the app. We have provided the step by step process to download and install it in your device. We also help you to troubleshoot issues related to the app.

You can contact us for any issue or queries related to the app. You can contact us and write issues to be resolved on the contact us option on the menu bar. You can even contact us by the link given below.

If you are facing any issue using the app feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Welcome to Cartoon HD Blog!

Cartoon HD Apk – Get latest updates from Cartoon HD Blog

By now many of you might be familiar with the app, its interface and the working of it. Many of you might have even downloaded it. So the concept of what is this app for? This brings to, Why to use this app? Is not the question in your mind. Now let us see what are the updates coming up and the recent movies being launched on the app.

Before long, the recent version of the Cartoon HD app in use now is version 3.0.3. Now the question might be how to get the new version? It is simple, go to the app and a pop up raises by itself to update the app. If not you can go to the link on the home page of the Cartoon HD world and install the new version. The old version file is uninstalled by itself or sometimes you have to do it on your own. Once the version is installed you are ready to use the app.
Cartoon HD App

A New Update about Cartoon HD

The new version of Cartoon HD has various new movies in it. Mortal Engines, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, The Panama Papers, Reset, Nobody’s Fool, Haider are among the movies being launched recently. The Cartoon HD team has always tried and pleased its users by providing the movies at regular intervals. Also, this, in turn, has increased the count of app users.

The is a website which helps you use the Cartoon HD app. We the team of CartoonHD world not only provide you with the links to download the app. Our job is not just providing you with the link but we also help you download it by providing you with the complete details about the app. We have provided the step by step process to download and install it in your device. We also help you to troubleshoot issues related to cartoon hd apk.

In conclusion, you can contact us for any issue or queries related to the app. We would be happy to resolve your issues and queries related to the app. You can contact us and write issues to be resolved on the contact us option on the menu bar. Feel free to contact us you can even contact us by the link given below.

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Download the app now and enjoy watching the movies. Happy watching!