Cartoon HD for Android, iOS & Windows OS

Cartoon HD is the best app for the movie fanatics out there, it’s totally awesome for their entertainment needs. Briefly speaking, it is a video streaming app that allows users to stream/download movies, television shows and cartoons (for free). Yes, this is why so many people love to use Cartoon HD. It has over 200 million active users (per month) all over the world. It is full of features and is also free from bugs or viruses. All this has made Cartoon HD the best movie streaming app out there. Plus, it has got support for all the major operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows). To find out more about this amazing app, download Cartoon HD APK today! It is small in size and gets installed easily. Cartoon HD app is very popular in the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Australia, Jamaica and the Philippines and many more countries.

Just like the evolution of smartphones (and computers), CartoonHD has managed to evolve as well. Earlier, it was merely an iOS app (back in 2013). It was available on the App Store (Apple) but was later taken down by the developers. CartoonHD was quite famous among the smartphone/tablet generation for its stability, content and of course, the compatibility. The app can run on smartphones and tablets without an itch or lag. Cartoon HD works well even on iOS devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch). It comes as an IPA file that can be easily installed (with side-loading). You should download Cartoon HD today to find out more about this amazing app. CartoonHD is fast, it is safe, and moreover, it does not cost a penny.

What is Cartoon HD?

It is a streaming app that allows users to download/stream movies, cartoons and television shows on their smartphones/tablets. It does not cost a penny and there are also no in-app transactions (micro-transactions). Cartoon HD works pretty well on all the devices out there, but you can check out the requirements sections for more. With the latest version of CartoonHD, you get a dark mode-enabled interface. This interface works well on AMOLED panels (and saves battery life). You can perform sequential downloads (for movies and stuff) and even limit your data consumption. The best thing about all of this is that it does not anything!

All the latest movies and digital entertainment at your disposal at zero cost. Since the CartoonHD app does not contain unnecessary ads, your mobile data is saved (to a great extent). Unlike other apps, the Cartoon HD app does not spoof around your operating system’s background. That is, it does not keep a check on your activity. This makes CartoonHD one of the safest third-party apps out there. Give it a try to find out more about Cartoon HD. Come, be a part of the CartoonHD family today and immerse yourself in an ocean of digital entertainment.

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Know all about Cartoon HD (Latest Version)

Cartoon HD is a movie streaming/downloading app that runs on all Android, iOS and Windows devices. It works best on smartphones and tablets (as long as there is a stable internet connection). Cartoon HD contains all the latest movies, television shows and much more. All you have to do is to install it on your device (easy process). It promises to provide its users with a full-fledged cinema experience on smartphones (or tablets). Since it does not cost a penny, there is no need to worry about monetary transactions. You can access all the trending and top-rated IMDb movies (or television series) over here with just a touch. Download Cartoon HD on your Android, iOS and Windows devices to find out more.

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The earlier versions of CartoonHD had support for videos up to 720p (HD) in resolution. However, with the recent update, you can stream/download videos up to 1080p (full-HD). Earlier, all you could do was to merely download the movies (or shows) and stream them on your devices. But, with the latest version of Cartoon HD, you can now stream the content easily on the app itself. You can download Cartoon HD with the provided link in the website. The videos are streamed without buffering (as long as the internet connection is stable enough). Basically, users get a premium Netflix-like experience at zero cost. Thus, this makes CartoonHD the best video streaming/downloading app out there. If you enjoy watching videos or movies on your device, install Cartoon HD today!

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Popular Features of Cartoon HD

Although the app reviews speak for themselves, the latest version of Cartoon HD has some amazing new features. Be it sequential video downloading or simultaneous playback, this app (latest version) has it all. In case you are already using CartoonHD, we advise you to update it to the latest version. Here is a list of all the popular features of Cartoon HD –

  • Big Package in Small Size The app barely 3 MB in size. This makes it one of the lightest and smallest apps out there. The small size of CartoonHD app makes it fast, free from bloatware or unnecessary ads and compatible with almost every device. Try it out today!
  • Hassle-free Movie Experience – You get access to all the latest blockbusters with just a tap. You can stream them online or download it on your device. Unlike Netflix, you can share the videos that you have downloaded with Cartoon HD. Also, there is no in-app subscription or micro-transactions in this app.
  • Great Place for TV Series and Anime – All those TV series fans (and anime fans) can rejoice. Cartoon HD has all the latest anime and television series (in full-HD 1080p) as well. Be it highest-rated shows like Chernobyl, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, this app has it all. You can even find anime like – One Punch Man, Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist over here.

Additional Features of Cartoon HD

  • No Need to Register –CartoonHD is free from the hassles of registration or subscription. All you have to do is to install the app and start streaming. There is also no need to enter your credit card information (or personal information) in order to use Cartoon HD.
  • HD Movies – TV-Series – More –You get access to thousands of hours of movies, television series and more over here. As an icing to that, every single content over here is available in full-HD (1080p). It even has an embedded video player for easy playback.
  • Audio/Video Compression & Cloud Acceleration – Cartoon HD comes with an advanced video compression technique that is amazing. The movies and all are small-sized and yet they manage to provide a Blu-ray like experience. CartoonHD provides a 5.1 channel audio experience (that is best enjoyed on headphones). As for the cloud acceleration, it helps in video streaming without buffering.
  • No Ads, Bloatware or Bugs –Yes, Cartoon HD is free from all these. You can stream movies without unwanted (or irrelevant) ads. Since there is no bloatware, the app does not lag. It can run well even on older devices (or systems). Also, since there are no bugs, CartoonHD app does not crash.

Cartoon HD APK for Android, iOS and Windows OS

The APK file for Cartoon HD is pretty small in size. It runs well on both – Android and Windows OS (desktops and laptops). It is unavailable on Google Play Store – thus, you have to download it from our website. There are many perks to using CartoonHD. Since you are already aware of its features, this section deals with the details about Cartoon HD’s APK file. It gets downloaded in no time (as it is barely 3 MB in size). It works like charm on Android as well as on Windows OS. The interface is very light and the CartoonHD app is highly responsive. The APK has been downloaded more than 100 million times. It is possibly the best VoD (video on demand) service out there that does not contain any micro-transactions. Thus, download Cartoon HD APK today for your devices (at zero cost)!

For all the Windows users out there – you too can enjoy CartoonHD app with BlueStacks. BlueStacks is an Android emulator software (that runs on the latest version of Android). All the APK files get installed on it just like they do on normal Android smartphones/tablets. BlueStacks can run Android apps, games and more! In order to use the BlueStacks App Player, visit and install it today. Cartoon HD for Windows works similar to its Android sibling. For the iOS users out there, you too can easily use Cartoon HD app (IPA). It comes as an IPA file and gets installed very easily. It too has a simple interface that is very easy to use. Furthermore, the CartoonHD app has a B/W interface that goes best with AMOLED displays. Download Cartoon HD to find out more!

Minimum Requirements for Cartoon HD – (Android)

  • Android 4.0.4 or above.
  • 1GB RAM or above.
  • A dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon (or similar) chipset – 1.6 GHz or above.
  • At least a 720p display (for playing HD content).
  • A stable internet connection (3G or above).
  • 3 MB free storage space (100 MB for proper working).
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Minimum Requirements for Cartoon HD – (iOS)

  • iOS 8 or above.
  • 1 GB RAM or above.
  • iPhone 4 (or 4S) or above.
  • iPad Mini or above.
  • iPod Touch (5th Generation or above).
  • A stable internet connection (3G or above).
  • 3 MB free storage space (100 MB for proper working).
Showbox APK is a great app that delivers on what it promises – free movies and shows for all. It has got the potential to make your video streaming experience worthwhile. In fact, Showbox APK has a huge collection of movies, TV series and cartoons that are made for every audience. You will find HD content (entirely) over here and there is also an option to download it on your devices. Showbox APK is so powerful that it can stream HD movies/series/videos using its embedded video player with ease. This app has got a lot of features like – cinema mode, dark mode, video compression and plenty of others. These features add on to the amazing in-app experience that Showbox APK provides. There are no ads here as well and that makes it so special. The user interface is easy to use and understand and you should definitely check this app out.

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WatchSeries on Cartoon HD and More!

Statistically, almost every third person in the world searches for movies or web/TV series on the internet. However, not everybody lands where he/she wants to. Websites like Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV+ and HBO Go promise to provide content, which they do. These websites (and apps) contain great content, but it comes for a price. Yes, literally comes for a price, i.e. a subscription fee. People want to watchseries and watchcartoonsonline, but instead, they get baited into spending money or they encounter the virus. You see, nothing is technically ‘free’ on the internet. Matters that relate to watchseries – a popular search title for the internet, there are plenty of fake websites that are a hoax. Users merrily open these fake websites and instead of anything substantial, they are greeted with pop-ups and often viruses. However, you can use Cartoon HD to watchseries (literally every single one) and as the name implies – watchcartoonsonline as well.



Why risk accessing these fake websites that only ‘claim’ to contain relevant series for free? These websites are not to be relied upon as they make users download different types of virus-laden plugins. Thus, they literally try to steal your useful information away by claiming that they will let you watchseries and watchcartoonsonline. No need to worry because such is never the case with Cartoon HD as it does not charge any subscription fee. You guys are already aware of the amazing features of Cartoon HD. Furthermore, it is way better than other popular streaming apps and services. Get your version of Cartoon HD and never ever miss out on any of the trending or popular series.

Game of Thrones on Cartoon HD

For all those Game of Thrones fans out there, time to make some noise! The show might have ended with a bang (literally), but it doesn’t mean that is the ‘the end’ of it. Thanks to a dedicated section on Game of Thrones on Cartoon HD, you can enjoy reading about the series. The section contains valuable information about the seasons (all eight) and the actual gist of what all happened. There have been a number of loopholes left and a few questions have still not been answered. Well, never mind – because here you get the answers to every single GoT related query of yours. You can watchseries like Game of Thrones and other popular ones on Cartoon HD. People look up the web for GoT but the process is not as seamless and hassle-free as on Cartoon HD.

Cartoon HD has every single season and episodes of GoT. It is like an abode for some of the renowned watchseries in the world. You can watch the episodes easily and without facing any issue. It is not a torrent based app and hence, you need not worry about viruses. There is no need to look up the web anymore for Game of Thrones as it is available over here. No need to enter your credit card information or anything, simply use Cartoon HD app and watchseries of all types easily.

Cartoon HD World is the best place to be if you are a cinephile. You can find all of the latest stuff like movies, shows and much more. Over here – you get access to Showbox APK, Cartoon HD and Peggo. Showbox and Peggo are also like Cartoon HD and have an equally ordered collection of videos. This website is an initiative to educate users about Showbox APK, Peggo, Cartoon HD, Lucky Patcher, WatchCartoonsOnline & Movierulz. All of these apps/websites have amazing features and even amazing content. You can stream HD quality videos (movies and shows) over here – up to 1080p resolution. Read along to find out more about these services!

Final Verdict on Cartoon HD (Conclusion) & Disclaimer

If streaming and downloading online videos are your things, then Cartoon HD is your go-to app. It works really well on every single device it is made to run on (Android, iOS and Windows OS). Since it is bloatware-free, there are no chances of unnecessary lags or crashes. Third-party apps are notorious for housing viruses and stealing information, but CartoonHD is absolutely safe from all that stuff. It has tons of features to keep you well-entertained at all times. Thus, download the Cartoon HD app and be a part of the CartoonHD fraternity today! CartoonHD app is secure, reliable and a wonderful app (that does not cost a penny).

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