12 Cartoon HD Alternatives: Are these Cartoon HD Alternatives any good?

The list of competitors and Cartoon HD alternatives and their features-

Megabox HD

This app is one of the biggest combatants of Cartoon HD which is based on the same mentality. Megabox HD is the well-known app of its community which provides the same feature as in Cartoon HD. That means, the free streaming of videos on demand and making it to the quality of 1080p. But it lags in one of the functionalities and that is the freezing of it in few of the devices. The videos get stuck in between the play and this might make you feel annoyed.

Terrarium TV

It is another competitor in this domain but it has its market range in the sub-countries. For instance, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. Terrarium TV has made its own market value because of the content present from the Indian movies. Namely, Bollywood, Tollywood etc. The main drawback of this app is it does not provide the fresh content. The content would be very old enough because of this it falls short of Cartoon HD standard.

Newest Movies HD

If you want to watch the latest movie then it is one of the best places to do so. It has got an impressive collection and this gets updated in time. But the race of it is still at the back foot when compared to the Cartoon HD app. Mainly because the content of the Cartoon HD is new as well as of high quality. Unlike Cartoon HD, Newest Movies HD does not have many of the adds to disturb you in between the video.


It is obvious that the best thing has many competitions to go with. We can say that the one which has the best of its team always leads. In this competition, the next number is of Showbox APK. It’s an app with an appealing look and the premium quality with everything well arranged in order. This increases public interest. Anyway, the Cartoon HD app is no less and competes with all its competitors in the best way.

Play View

It is a new video on demand provider app which has taken its place in the market recently. The features of Play View go the same as that of Cartoon HD. The free content, great quality videos, and no subscription fee. Play view is one of the attempts to compete with the Cartoon HD. Still, to this date, Cartoon HD has not let that happen.

Competition, if made with a gentleman thinking, can make the wonders for both the ends. This is what is being observed here the apps just go on increasing the quality of content and the video quality; as the number of competitors makes their names on the list. The other apps which have the same features affecting the market share of Cartoon HD to some extent are-

Cinema Box

Imagine, you are left with a lot of time to leave your working place, and you have completed all the work. You are in a mood to watch a movie, then why not download the Cartoon HD apk? The Cinema Box also provides the same function as that of the Cartoon HD app. The video quality is also maintained at 1080p but there are few points where falls short compared to Cartoon HD. The content present in the Cartoon HD is over 10000 movies which are unique in itself. As you open the app from the app tray you can just start enjoying the movies. Moreover, the content present in the Cartoon HD app is fresh or the recent one. Cinema box can be the best alternative to this app.

Movie Tube

There are many apps moving around providing free content, one such app is YouTube. But when it comes to the movies there are stringent rules being followed. It is not always easy to find movies on different apps. Movie Tube is a free app which provides the number of movies and the tv shows for its viewers. As per the name suggest, Movie Tube is a complete package of movies. As an alternative to the Cartoon HD for the free videos of movies and tv shows. The movies can even be downloaded and can be watched later as per your free time.

Movie HD

Movie HD is one of the best apps providing free movies and tv shows without any subscription charges. This app provides the videos of high quality and the videos are free of charge. You do not have to look at your wallet unless you’re doing that with the intention of refilling internet data. The content, as well as the quality of the app, is too good. It is a package full of entertainment. It is a perfect option to watch movies if you are not able to download Cartoon HD on your device.


cartoon hd alternatives - crackle

The Crackle is one such app in the race, providing its viewers with free movies and tv shows. It has recently been added into this pool of apps and it has gained the popularity to the extent. It provides the same functioning as that of the Cartoon HD app. It allows its viewers to enjoy movies and TV shows. It can be used in any of the devices either iOS, Android or windows etc. The app also has the function to download the shows and the movies to be watched later. In the free time and the quality of the video ranges from 144p to 1080p. It is also a paid alternative to Cartoon HD.

Tubi TV

Another app for free movies and tv shows, which gives the entertainment without making you lose much from your pocket. Except to that of your internet and electricity charges which are consumed in the form of phone battery and data consumption. Tubi TV is yet another option in case the Cartoon HD apk is not the app of your choice. This app falls short of Cartoon HD as it does not allow users to request for a movie of their choice. So, to enjoy and take the benefit of this app download, and enjoy the movie and tv shows.


A simple looking app with a lot to give you in terms of functioning is Videomix. It provides the opportunity to watch movies and tv shows at the cost of a negligible amount. It means without any extra amount from your budget. It has an option for the search of movies within the app. Also, you can directly tap on the movie poster and the movie starts to play. Once you start you just need to connect your device to the charger. We believe that you would not stop watching movies until the battery is down.

Popcorn Times

Do not go on the name of the app, this is a free movie and tv show provider. The name indicating here is to take up popcorns as nobody likes getting disturbed once a movie is started. The app gives you a complete package of entertainment. This can be one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained. The app is full of movies and tv shows. The functioning of this app is similar to that of the Cartoon HD app.

Even though the competition in this field has made a tough task for the Cartoon HD. But Cartoon HD app’s ability to maintain the features and the content quality has made it still persist in the race. As the saying goes, the fun in the war is when your opposition is strong. This seems to go with the Cartoon HD app as the competition increases, the content and the video quality gets increasing. With this, Cartoon HD app has announced the launch of 4K pixel quality video in the upgraded phones by 2019. It has made the task a bit more difficult for its competitive friends.

Advantages of using Cartoon HD APK over Netflix

There are many apps which provide the video-on-demand service and one such app is Netflix. Netflix is popular among the people for its content quality. The app provides a number of movies and tv shows. There is no doubt that Netflix is one of the best options to watch your favourite shows. But there are similar apps which provide the movies and the tv shows for free. Cartoon HD is one among them.

To know the reason why Cartoon HD should be preferred over Netflix we should discuss more on the personal choice. A movie is interesting or entertaining to a person whereas the same movie is not the same for many. So, it is your personal choice to decide the movie or the tv series which you would like to watch. This personal choice cannot be dictated on anyone.

There are various ways to watch your favourite movie and shows. You can do it by going to a theatre to watching it at your home. The fun part of watching a movie doubles when you don’t have to spend a penny. And this is made possible by the app called Cartoon HD.

Cartoon HD app enjoys many more benefits. Like the content present in this app is more than that of any other app. The content present in the videos on-demand providers such as Amazon PrimeHBO Pro etc., is completely present in this app.



Is the installation of Cartoon HD apk is better than Amazon Prime?

The quality of the Cartoon HD app in the sense of the video, as well as content, has attracted many people. Also, the app is free of charges. Moreover, the content present in the app is more than any individual video on demand provider app.

Amazon Prime is one of the best apps in the leading edge of the race. It fails to provide the content without making you look towards your wallet at least once a year. The subscription of the app is to be carried out on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis. The content provided by the Amazon is interesting as almost all the movies with good reviews can be found in the app. But Cartoon HD is no less in the race and it provides the content including the other such apps.

It is not wise thinking to spend the number of things which are available for free. The Cartoon HD app has recently launched its new version, Version 3.0.3. This new version is much simpler and has made the functioning easy. The new version provides various options so that the person can watch his favourite movie at the touch of finger-tip. The menu bar contains different-different categories of movies and tv shows. Categories namely as thriller, comedy, anime, family movies, and shows. So, Download Cartoon HD now to enjoy watching the movies and the television shows at the tap of your fingertip.

Why should you prefer to Download Cartoon HD apk?

In this busy and expensive life, the water which is in abundance and the earth is mostly covered by it, was free before. But today you get water after paying for it. This is an indication that in today’s world nothing is for free. Whereas Cartoon HD has the achievement and that is providing free entertainment. It is unavailable in any other such app. Moreover, the memory consumed by the app is very less and it is the perfect app with complete entertainment in your pocket.


Cartoon HD Apk Download


With the high-speed internet, you do not have to spend your much time either as you can just go on watching the movies and it stops only when your net provider alarms of the data consumed for the day. It is perfect for any phone as it does not require the space in hundreds of MB. In fact, it just needs 3MB of your phone memory and few more for the installation which would maximum go up to 30MB. The phone functioning in other aspects is not affected by the app. And moreover, there are no advertisements to disturb you while you are in the mid of watching your interesting video.

As everyone has a unique personality and different thinking, we cannot expect 2 different app makers or builders to build similar apps. Every builder focuses on one particular thing which he finds lagging in the other one. Many apps are developing in the market for the purpose of movie streaming and to provide the videos in demand. But the uniqueness of Cartoon HD persists and it leads the tussle in many ways. An app by the name Vidmate is being launched in the market and this brings about the same feature of free video download from YouTube.