ThopTV is a miraculous third-party alternative to popular over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Airtel Xstream TV, JioTV, and Hotstar. It was launched just a few years back by a team of highly skilled developers who wanted free content accessible for all. ThopTV is just like your regular streaming services, which provide access to movies, TV channels, and world-radio, only a lot better. It is a simple Android app that is available in APK format for all compatible smartphones and tablets.

You get access to literally unlimited TV shows/series, news anime and movies for absolutely free of cost. Unlike OTT services that charge users with high monthly or yearly fees, ThopTV app aims towards liberating users from such hassles.

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Thop TV Apk

There are not many apps that provide access to live TV over here. I mean, yeah, there is Voot, Jio, Airtel, and SonyLiv, but they fail to provide premium content for free. Watching live TV is a myth on those apps as the plans are way too expensive. If you want to watch live cricket then buy one subscription, for football some other, and the list is endless. But anyway, it should not matter with the ThopTV app in the market. It is your one app for all of your TV and radio needs.

Amazing In-App Experience

It might be still very juvenile but in no way does it compromise with providing you with the best in-app experience. The ThopTV app is like an all-in-one package when it comes to providing entertainment at the cost of literally nothing. It also isn’t mandatory to register over here in order to avail of its features. However, registered users will get an option to create their own watch-list and other essentials. Just imagine, you can do so much with this literally small-sized app! You can download ThopTV APK from the link provided.

How to Install ThopTV APK on Realme Smartphones and Realme TV

Some Notable Features of ThopTV

In simple words, this app is laden with some amazing features that will blow your mind away. Here are some of its cool features.

This app provides access to over 4000 TV channels from around the world. All of these channels belong to different regions and zones, so you have at least five channels to cater to your daily needs at all times.

ThopTV APK 45.0.0 Download - Latest version for Android 2021

Radio on the Go

As you can already decipher from the caption, ThopTV APK also provides access to world radio at zero cost. Just be sure that you have your internet connection turned on at all times for the radio stations to load quickly.

ThopTV App Radio StationsLanguage No Barrier

Every content over here is available in multiple languages. As per official reports, the TV channels and radio stations are available in more than 28 languages.

User-Friendly Interface

You get a clean looking and very user-friendly interface over here.

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ThopTV Apk

Great Overall Video Quality & Resolution

Even though you get access to live TV, the streaming quality over here is great. Every video over here is in HD resolution. There is 720p content as well as 1080p content and you can change the quality as per your needs.

Guide for THOP TV - Free HD Live TV Guide for Android - APK Download

High Quality Audio

As there are a lot of radio stations, there are also a number of audio formats and quality to choose from. The default playback quality is AAC that is widely popular. You can select the audio up to 320 Kbps. 

HQ Audio

Advanced Data-Saver

No need to worry about your internet data as ThopTV APK also has an advanced data saver mode. So you can save your mobile data and watch simultaneously.

Data Saver Mode

ThopTV APK download is free. Our website has its latest version that is – fast, safe and reliable.

ThopTV APK for Android

ThopTV APK is the filename that you will be needing (and using) for installation. Don’t worry as it is a small sized file that gets downloaded in no time. As I have already told you guys, downloading this file is cent percent safe. There are no malicious programs or viruses running in the background. In order to install the ThopTV APK file, you will need an Android device that can either be a smartphone or a tablet. Anything above Android 4.4 will work just fine. Anyway, back to the basics, this app will never get you bored. There is always something that Thop TV APK file has to offer to its users.

Download Thop TV APK
  • ThopTV has a very clean looking interface, with all of the icons and menus well-placed.
  • There are also no bloatwares over here that often cause devices to lag and even crash.
  • It aims towards providing the users with a premium experience at the cost of literally nothing.
  • There are proper menus and even a dedicated search bar.
  • You also get a dark mode option in the latest version.

Also, in case you are wondering, you won’t find ThopTV APK on Google Play Store. It does not comply with the standards set forth by Google Play Store. Nonetheless, you will be able to download the latest version from here.

Home Screen

You get a huge collection of content over here. Trust me, you will be surprised to know that Thop TV has stuff from Netflix, Prime Video, HBO and even Hulu. The list is literally endless. Who would have even thought that a third-party app would contain a plethora of content for free! Even though people rely on this app for its TV and radio streaming, but ThopTV even has thousands of movies/shows.

Installing ThopTV APK File on Android

The process of installing the latest version APK is fairly easy and it also does not require the users to root their devices. First and foremost, click here to download ThopTV APK on your smartphones/tablets. The process that you will have to follow is known as side-loading and is 100% safe. Anyway, once the APK file has been successfully downloaded, make note of the following steps.

  • Put your smartphone on Airplane Mode.
Airplane Mode Screenshot
  • All of the files on Android devices usually get downloaded inside the Downloadsfolder. You can use a File Manager app in order to access the Downloads folder.
File Manager Screenshot
  • After that you will first have to perform a very important step – grant permission for external APK installation.
  • To do that go to Settings > Security Settings > Check the Enable Installation from Unknown Sources option.
Enabling Setting
  • Now open the Downloads folder and open the ThopTV APK file.
  • Tap on Install.
Installing ThopTV APK
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Done.

Oh yes, don’t forget to disable Airplane Mode.

Thop TV APK File for Windows Desktops & Laptops

Being a Windows user is a great thing. You have an array of applications and softwares at your disposal. A number of these softwares are freewares that can downloaded and run easily. However, just like on Android, premium services like Netflix and Hotstar are not available for free. Well, no need to worry as you can run Thop TV APK on your Windows devices with ease. But wait, how? Don’t worry as we have got you covered here.

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There are a lot of Android emulator softwares available on Windows. Not only are these softwares free, but they are also very useful. These emulator softwares create a virtual Android environment where you can install APK files easily. The best known Android emulator for Windows (and MacOS) is BlueStacks App Player. You can download this application for free by clicking over here. Once you have downloaded it, here is the process of installing the file.

  • Open the installer/executable file on your Windows system.
  • Click on Next and wait for the downloading process to complete.
  • BlueStacks will automatically get installed once the downloading has completed.
  • Run the application from the desktop shortcut.

Thop TV APK File Windows Installation

In order to install the ThopTV APK you will first have to download it on your file system. Click on the below given download button and then do the following steps.

Download Logo
  • Once the file has been downloaded, open BlueStacks.
  • Go to the option that says – Install APK file.
  • Select the ThopTV file from the file explorer on your system.
  • Open the APK file and wait for it to get installed.
ThopTV Apk 2021 - Working 1
  • You will see a Thop TV app shortcut on the BlueStacks’ home screen.
  • Run the app from there.

So, simply download and install the application today for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the subscription cost?

There is none as ThopTV is available for free of cost across all Android devices. There is not even any premium mode that has to be purchased. Simple download, install and start running.

What all content is available on ThopTV?

You name it and this app has it. From live TV channels to full length movies and shows, this nice app has it all.

Does ThopTV APK file contain viruses?

Nope. This app does not contain even a single virus. The developers have guaranteed that ThopTV is free from all sorts of viruses and other harmful stuff.

Where do I have to register?

You get the liberty of either choosing to register/sign-up over here or not. In case you decide to register, then ThopTV APK will provide you your personal watch-list.

How is the video clarity on ThopTV?

The overall video quality is so good that you won’t have to look anywhere else. It is a nice app that provides Full HD 1080p playback/download.

What sort of an internet connection does ThopTV require?

ThopTV does not require an over the top internet connection. Unlike its rival OTT platforms that are literally useless on slower connections, ThopTV is nonchalant. A simple 100 Kbps connection is more than enough.

How many videos does ThopTV contain?

ThopTV has over 100,000 videos from across the globe. You also get access to live channels and radio stations.

What is the installation process?

The installation process has already been mentioned in the aforementioned sections.

Does this app require an external video player?

No, you do not need to download any external video player like MX Player. It is already a really nice app that contains a preinstalled video player.

What all ads does ThopTV have to offer?

No need to be worried about the ads as this app does not contain many of them.

What is the file size?

The file size is less than 50MB and it will get downloaded in no time.

Where is the download link?

The download link is provided below.

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