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The scene opens with Jaime standing in the hall in Winterfell. It seems like a trial for a crime that he's infamous for, for murdering King Aerys (The Mad King). It is evident that Daenerys hates Jaime very much and is intended on getting him killed. Jaime tells everybody that Cersei has the Iron Fleet, Golden Company and Euron by her side. Sansa supports Daenerys’ claim and tells everybody how Jaime plotted against Ned, her father. He replies to them that he did it for the love of his family, the Lannisters. Bran (or the Three-Eyed Raven) calls out, “Things we do for love.” (refer to GoT S01E01 for bonus). Lady Brienne comes to Jaime’s rescue (so does Tyrion) and he is pardoned (momentarily?) by Daenerys. Download Cartoon HD APK for more.

The entire episode here takes place in Winterfell. From prepping for the battle to enjoying their possible final moments together (shout-out to Arya and Gendry); Winterfell shows it all. There are many moments that are just used to overshadow the upcoming threat. Back in another room, everybody plans for the battle. The White Walkers easily outnumber the people of Winterfell by tens of thousands. They decide to attack the Night King, to which Jaime replies that he won’t risk being out in the open. Bran says that the Night King will come looking for him and so they should use him as a bait. Bran tells them that he should be placed in Godswood, and Theon promises to defend him with the Ironborn. Cartoon HD app has it all for free.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – Cartoon HD

Yet another moment that makes us fall in love with Jaime. When Brienne says that she is not a knight, Jaime comes to her rescue. In presence of Tormund, Ser Davos, Tyrion and Podrick, he anoints knighthood to Brienne. Thus, Lady Brienne is made Ser Brienne. This is indeed correct because (according to Jaime) only a knight can anoint other knights. It is an emotional moment for everybody and it also shows that Jaime has affection for Brienne. Again, shout-out too Tormund Giantsbane for having killed a giant when he was ten, lol. Podrick sings a song (a good one, indeed) and it has some really moving lyrics. Arya hooks up with Gendry and everybody on the other side drinks and sings.

The song that Podrick sings is ‘Jenny Song’. It is a really good song with an important message. The song is about Jenny, a peasant, who fell in love with King Aegon (5th of his name) Targaryen’s son. It was against the king’s will, but Prince Duncan married her anyway. He even gave up his inheritance and his right to the Iron Throne. Jenny knew an oracle who told her that the Azor Ahai would come from the bloodlines of Aerys and Rhaella Targaryen. Both of them were Daenerys’ parents (Viserys’ and Rhaegar’s parents as well). The oracle died in the fire and Rhaegar was born the same night (in the same place).

Jon, the prince that was promised?

Since Rhaegar was born during the fire at Summer Hall (where the witch/oracle had died), the prophecy fell onto him. Jenny’s song could possibly be the true song for Ice and Fire. It is possible that Podrick sang about Jon, and that he is Azor Ahai. Well, we don’t know for sure. What we should be worried about is that the Night King has reached Winterfell. Let’s just hope that the character we love survive the battle. The entire episode has been beautifully composed and directed. We can expect a lot more from the forthcoming episode (episode 3). The people at Winterfell do not know that even the Night King has a dragon now. They are not prepared for it yet.

Favourite Quote from Episode 2 –
“The Big Woman still here?”
- Tormund

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