MovieRulz – The Best APK a Cinephile can Get

In a world full of subscription-based video-on-demand services, MovieRulz comes as a sigh of relief for cinephiles. Amazed? Perplexed? Well, starting from the very beginning, there are over 500 million movies that have been made so far. These movies belong to different regions, languages and genres. One thing is unfair when it comes to watching movies – the unjustified pricing. Yes, talking of subscription-based models as portrayed by Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and more, the content and pricing seem unjust. But, what can be done, right? What if we tell you that there is an option? Movie lovers out there, presenting MovieRulz – your one-stop for all the cinema needs.

With Movie Rulz you literally own the movie database of the internet. There are so many options available for you to explore at zero cost. There is a massive collection of every single movie and series and you can enjoy it without hassles. You can also watch shows like Bigg Boss and even web-series like Julie and more. The Movie Rulz website has undergone a theme makeover. Now, there is a dedicated dark mode that comes as a relief at nights (and in the dark). The database is updated daily and without fail. If you request any movie, it shall be updated to it soon. Do visit MovieRulz in order to find out more.

Movierulz is for Cinephiles

MovieRulz – Better than Netflix, Prime Video & Hotstar

MovieRulz is basically safe to use torrent-based website that allows users to watch/download movies. There is an array of movies in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and even regional movies (Marathi, Punjabi and more). When it comes to downloading or streaming free content online, it does become controversial. Nobody is a fan of piracy, agreed, but does spending big bucks to buy a VoD subscription plan seem fine? Not everybody can afford to spend that much money monthly (or yearly). Today, Jio users get 4G internet connection at their fingertips in plans that are as low as ₹149. Thus, spending ₹800/month just to buy a Netflix plan does not seem so appealing.

There is also an app available for Android devices. This Movie Rulz app is really cool as it brings every single feature of this terrific website to your smartphones/tablets. This app has sections that are meant for every single user. There is a Songs section that has all the latest music (stream or download). It also has Requested Movies section where you can request some unavailable content from the admins. The final section is the 18+ section that is meant for adult viewers only. It is NSFW movies and shows. Download this Movie Rulz app for your Android devices (Android 4.0.4 and above) and see for yourself.

Features of MovieRulz

MovieRulz comes as an online service and can be enjoyed either from the website or from the app. It does not come with micro-transactions and it also is free from subscriptions. It is a service (and app) that was created by a group named Tamil Rockers. Users can watch/download movies in up to 1080p (Full HD) quality. It has a massive database that comprises of tens of thousands of movies (and even TV series). Be it latest flicks like Joker and The Irishman or some cult classics like The Shawshank Redemption, MovieRulz houses it all. Use it for once and we are sure that you will never look back at those expensive alternatives anymore.

Here are some features of MovieRulz (common to Android app as well as a website, both) –

  • Free, HD content that can either be streamed online or can be downloaded. This includes trending videos, movies, cartoons and TV shows.
  • No microtransactions or subscriptions. This is why Movie Rulz is so much loved by everybody around the globe.
  • Great content – Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood and much more. You can even find some classics over here in great quality.
  • A well-categorized section for movies, television series and even anime and cartoon. The interface is amazing and the menu options are well-arranged.
  • Small downloads that have advanced compression rate. It saves storage space and utilises very little internet data. Thus, Movie Rulz is very data and battery efficient service.
  • High-speed downloads that work great even on 3G internet connections. If you have a high-speed internet connection then you can even stream/download 4K UHD quality movies.
  • No registration or billing. Yes, no need to enter your credit card information.
  • Free from viruses and malicious content. You get what you search for.
  • Free from ads and popups.

MovieRulz APK for Android & Windows

MovieRulz APK is not available on the Google Play Store. It does not match with Google’s terms and conditions. Thus, you can download it from our website (at zero cost). It is safe to use app that is just terrific to use. With it installed on your device, you will be able to stream/download as many movies and television series as you want to. The interface is simple and minuscule and there is no bloatware of any kind. The collection on MovieRulz is just massive! If you come across a movie on the internet, chances are that it would already be there on MovieRulz. There are over 5,00,000+ desi people who are using this app (or website) today.

You can find more with the tags: MovieRulz Telugu Movies, MovieRulz Tamil Movies & MovieRulz Malayalam Movies. Be smart, guys. Do not spend your hard-earned cash on buying subscription plans. Simply spend it on your internet connection so that you can watch unlimited movies on MovieRulz. It is a fast and certainly the best streaming/downloading service out there. Other services may contain viruses, but not Movie Rulz. For the Windows users out there, you can easily use this app with BlueStacks. It runs like a charm even on Windows-based devices.

Movie Rulz Popular Q&A

  • What is the total collection size of movies on Movie Rulz?

Somewhere around 500,000. It ranges from movies, television shows and even anime.

  • Does it download files via torrent client?

Yes, it does. In order to download torrent files, you need to have a compatible torrent client downloaded. BitTorrent, qBittorent, Flud and μTorrent are few popular torrent clients out there.

  • What are the quality of movies and TV series?

Every movie (and show) ranges from 240p to 1080p. Apart from that you even get dual audio and subtitles as well.

  • Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! There are no viruses and the app/website is completely safe to use. Unlike other similar services and apps, you don’t need to download plugins in order to download/stream content.

  • Do I need to have a super-fast internet connection in order to run Movie Rulz?
    As long as you have a 56 Kb/s+ connection, you can easily use Movie Rulz. That speed belongs to the Edge/2G category. Thus, 4G and broadband users will have a gala time in using it.
  • What makes Movie Rulz so special?

Have you ever seen a dedicated web service that allows you to stream or download movies for free? 99.99% of those websites are there to scam. There are either viruses involved or something else that can harm your system. However, with Movie Rulz you can stream or even download online movies and shows for real.

  • What are the plans like and how much do they cost?

Unlike Netflix, Movie Rulz believes in one plan for everybody. It is a ‘unity in diversity’ kind of service/website. There is only one plan that is common to every single user out there. As an icing to that, the plans are absolutely free from any fees.

Movie Rulz – Great Place for Cartoon Lovers

If you like to watch cartoons and/or anime, then Movie Rulz is certainly the place for you. You can watch (even download) amazing quality cartoons over here at zero price. This means that popular anime like Dragon Ball Z, Kill la Kill, Yuri on Ice and RWBY can be watched/downloaded easily. Just like the movies, you can download them as torrent files and run it with a torrent client. Apart from that, you can also stream them using the built-in video player. Use Movie Rulz today if you are a cartoon and anime fanatic. With its exclusive features and amazing content, you will never be disappointed with Movie Rulz.

Download Movierulz apk


The team behind Cartoon HD World is strictly against video piracy. We do not own or distribute pirated content online. This website is strictly a measure to educate the common folk and enthusiasts about MovieRulz. Furthermore, piracy is a crime and we do not promote it. We are strictly against piracy and the team behind MovieRulz (Tamil Rockers) should be directly contacted in case of a feud. Our website does not, in any case, promote any illegal software or virus-laden service. If you are here in a spree to search for torrent files then you shall be disappointed. We ourselves are against torrenting and believe that those who promote it should be dealt with severely. Thank you for spending time on Movie Rulz awareness website and we wish you have a wonderful time.