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Spring season is here, and with the start of April month, we are already in the Aries season. In April, we have two big reasons to feel more festive and alive. The first one is, people who are die-hard fans of Iron Man or our beloved Robert Downey Jr., he recently celebrated his 55th birthday on 4th of April. The second reason to be more on the enthusiastic, cheerful side is the reason that in this month Avengers Endgame is releasing by Marvel Studio on 26th April.

Robert Downey Jr. has made an enormous number of fans from the younger generation even after being in the industry for the four decades. It is because of the charm and energy with which he presents himself on the characters played by him. Today this artist's name is credited to many blockbusters films Hollywood has produced. From the anime to the crime or thriller movie he carried away many of the stars by his performance. Few of his famous movies include a series of Iron Man, Avengers, and Sherlock Holmes.

If we look at the list of most awaited movies, Avengers takes the first place. So note the date of 26th April, the release of Avengers Endgame. But the days are yet to be counted. There are many still thinking on how to manage these days. One of the ways to cut the time and make you refresh is the recap of the Avengers series and Sherlock Holmes series. You can watch the movie on Cartoon HD app. There are many other movies such as The Judge in the app which will keep you entertained until the release of the most awaited movie. With this, you can even celebrate the birthday month of your superhero, Iron man. So download the Cartoon HD app now and enjoy watching the number movies in it.

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Download the app now and enjoy watching the movies. Happy time.

2019-04-13 00:19:26

Amazing work, pal! Keep it up. :)