Dead or Living, Choose Your Side Today! Game of Thrones Season 8 – Episode 2 Trailer Breakdown

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Just a few hours until Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 releases. The episode teaser is out and it is certain that the dead have reached Winterfell. You can watch it for free on Cartoon HD. One episode down, five more to go (cries in Dothraki). Now Jon knows about his true parentage (Aegon Targaryen) and this is interesting. Why? Well, Daenerys, as we already know, is the self-proclaimed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. She has her dragons and her people are loyal to her. But, will the Northerners accept her as their ruler? Nothing much can be said as the plot is bound to get trickier and interesting. Cartoon HD has access to Game of Thrones Season 8, and you should download Cartoon HD today. The dead are already at the gates of Winterfell (that can be seen from the teaser). Tune into HBO at 9pm for more!

Let’s start with the teaser breakdown – Fan favourite Jaime Lannister (aka Kingslayer) standing in front of Daenerys *Goosebumps!*. The internet (especially Redditers) has referred to this as Jaime’s trial in front of the Mad Queen (lol). There are other people in the crowd as well. We can see Tyrion, Missandei, Varys, and Jorah standing beside their queen. I, personally, have started to lose faith in Daenerys (for making poor Sam cry). Come on, guys! #JusticeForSam! The internet was pretty sure that Daenerys would kill Jaime. Terrible news, right? Well, not exactly. In the teaser for Game of Thrones Season 8, we can see Jaime in the infantry. It is probable that he would face the army of the dead in Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 (or 3). The way Daenerys expresses her anger for Jaime is frightening. Let’s just hope that she doesn’t feed him to her dragons.

Daenerys’ The Evil ‘Burn Him’ Face!

This is yet another thing that fans fear a lot. She has slowly stepped into the shoes of her father. Daenerys doesn’t fear anything now. With the dragons by her side (cries for Viserion), and a huge army of loyalists, she certainly is very powerful. But she needs all of the allies that she can gather. You can get access to the entire Game of Thrones Season 8 on Cartoon HD app. Download Cartoon HD APK today for free. Back to GoT, Perhaps Daenerys won’t really kill Jaime (as of yet). They have an entire army of the dead at the doorstep and they should be prepared (talks sense like Tyrion). Sansa doesn’t like Daenerys and it is evident from the way she looks at her. Arya says that Sansa is the smartest woman that she’s ever met. Perhaps Sansa’s character is trying to send a message to the viewers?

On the side – everybody can be seen preparing for the battle. Jorah can be seen examining a sword (possibly, Longclaw?). Gendry is shown busy forging weapons (dragon-glass weapons). Jon and Daenerys are shown sharing a moment in the crypts. Will he tell her about his parentage? If he does so, then let’s prepare for some nukes (lol). First – she has slept with her nephew; second – no longer the queen? GoT Season 8 Episode 2 will surely be crazy. Arya can be seen shooting an arrow (remember the Pilot episode of Game of Thrones Season 1). Is it the end of Arya? You never know because Winter is here and a lot of people will die. Greyworm kisses Missandei (we should be afraid for him now). Tormund and Beric reach Winterfell. They will have their parts to play when the army of the dead attack Winterfell.

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